Bedroom with integrated walk-in closet D016

We design intelligent solutions for your bedrooms that allow you to rationalize spaces and functions. This composition combines the bed that hides the Container wardrobe under the bed surface, an XCab walk-in closet and a practical folding desk for study hours.

internal container dielle

internal container dielle


The Container is an innovative and functional product which, by positioning the bed in the upper part of the structure, allows you to create a real walk-in closet in the space below. Under the bed, in fact, the space è modulated with compartments of variable dimensions, shelves and clothes hanger elements, ideal for any intended use and for the archive of bulky objects. The single Container - width cm. Is combined with an XBed bed placed next to the fixed side. The ladder allows easy access to the bed placed in the upper and can be filed internally.


Two symmetrical elements of XCab walk-in closet allow a large capacity; containment. The double opening - on the right and on the left - facilitates access to the large-capacity cabin, where everything is à handy.

folding desk

folding desk

An original folding desk is immediately available when needed simply by rotating the support-base and lowering the top connected in a semicircle.


In this composition, the Container and the walk-in closet are combined with perfectly integrated system elements, such as the equipped bookcase columns and the Snake shelves, which complete the proposal with open storage elements.
The refined chromatic play of the finishes alternates the essence of Natural Elm with matt lacquers and decorative textures.

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