Creative and well-designed spaces for playing, studying and sleeping:

Dielle's bedrooms have always made children's dreams come true, while pleasing their parents' needs.

Choosing a modular bedroom means having the possibility to customize it down to the last detail: in our stores you will receive a personalized project, realized on the basis of your needs for space and style. The great variety of available finishes, colours and design solutions will give you the chance to create a unique bedroom for your children, a beautiful and safe environment for their growth and relax.

About us

Design the perfect kid's bedroom with Dielle

Since 1971, Dielle has been specializing in the designing and production of bedrooms for children and teenagers. Bridges, lofts, standard and bunks beds: choose your ideal solution between our various bedrooms. Organize the wardrobe exploiting all the available space with our closets and walk-in closets. Design the studying area with bookcases and desks. We realize every product with the maximum attention for quality and safety, ensured by a warranty certificate with a 5 years-long validity.