Why choose a Dielle bedroom for your children?

We produce tailor-made and versatile bedrooms for any space, which meet the needs of every child. Modularity and customization are the fundamental values of all our projects.

Dielle has been furnishing children's bedrooms since 1971, transforming them into functional, beautiful and safe environments, which reflect and satisfy the different needs and tastes of every child and parents. The modularity of the furnishing programs, the various possibilities of customization, a rich catalogue of available colours, lacquers and melamines in order to design tailor-made projects, perfectly integrated into every domestic ambiance. Choosing Dielle means making adults and children's dreams come true!

# Made in Italy

Each element of our bedrooms is 100% made in Italy. Excellent materials, modern design, safe compositions: these are distinctive features of every Dielle solution, created in order to meet the needs and tastes of children and parents. We guide each customer from the designing of the bedroom to the realization and after-sales assistance.

# 5 Years Warranty

Our furniture will last over time following the growth of your children through years. Dielle attaches a 5 years warranty certificate to every purchase, together with the product data sheet, which indicates the materials, the correct use and the maintenance rules.

# Modularity

Choosing modular furniture for the bedroom allows you to design an unique space, even if it's reduced in dimensions, with the maximum freedom in design. Choose the beds, wardrobes, walk-in closets, bookcases, desks and customize them with regard to colours and finishes. Dielle produce tailor-made solutions for the most various needs.