bedroom with new container 168 cm

A multi-functional space that meets the needs of a growing boy, thanks to modular and made-to-measure components, combined with creativity and taste.
Starting with the container bed, here proposed in the new, even more spacious version; 3.5 cubic meters of space, thanks to the increased height and the compartment created in the walkway behind the bed, directly accessible from the container. The proposal is completed by a complete and modern study corner, designed to adapt to the space available in the room.

Extra storage space

Thanks to the compartment under the bed platform, which is directly accessible from the container, every object finds its ideal place. The opening system of the Container is easy and tested for countless openings.

A highly functional Study area.

The corner desk combines the Vintage top with a Master module with open compartments. An all-new addition is the wooden Creative leg, for a design with a strong visual impact.
The new Creative leg offers an aesthetic solution in continuity with the top, both in 35 mm thickness and available in all system finishes.
Every object finds its ideal position thanks to the Master module, which also provides support for the desk, and the Snake wall unit. A really well-rounded solution.


Container bed h.168 cm
Snake shelves
Corner desk with Creative leg
Master open module
Wega chair

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